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I wrote this song for my family and sang it to them on Christmas Eve. I couldn't have imagined then that it would be sung around the world - from small town churches to outdoor pageants to European cathedrals. I'm thankful for everyone who sings it, who listens to it, and who believes in the message. I hope it inspires you to make more room for Him this Christmas - and always. 

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DAY 18


Why We Need a Savior 

The Christmas Spirit

Longfellow's Christmas

The Coat 

The Greatest Gift

The Reason Behind Christmas 


DAY 23

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We hope you have enjoyed making more room for the Savior during this Christmas season. We would love to hear about your experiences. Please share them by emailing me at shawna@shawnaedwardsmusic.com. With your permission, I would love to post your stories on the blog.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas,


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