Paul Kept the Faith (Group Bundle)

Paul Kept the Faith (Group Bundle)

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Order this if you are teaching this song to a group of children or youth. This bundle includes the sheet music, original recording and accompaniment track.

This bundle gives you the right to 1) Print up to 5 total copies of the sheet music, and 2) Use the original recording and accompaniment track as needed for your group. 

You may put the mp3 on a CD or drive for members of your group, but please do not share the digital files with anyone. Making more physical copies of the music than you have paid for or sharing any of the files or copies outside of your primary or other group is a violation of copyright.

If you need more than 5 copies, you can purchase them for $1.00/copy, after you have paid for the group bundle, at this link: 

Extra Copies of Sheet Music


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