My new song doesn't exactly fall in the typical faith-based category, but it's a message every child needs. 

When I met the people at, and learned of their global initiative to empower children, I just knew they had to have a song to go along with it. And somewhere in the beautiful pages of the book came the idea: "I can be my own superhero." 

So though the children most likely won't be singing this in Church, it's still about faith. Faith in themselves -- belief that they can do something to lift and encourage and strengthen -- even on their darkest days.

"So I will move, I will rise, 

I will choose, I will try

To be my own superhero."  

Listen to "My Own Superhero" here, and learn more about Emotional Superpowers by visiting You're going to LOVE the book.

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What do you do when @MasaFukuda, your all-time arranger / director / producer / sound engineer  / and gatherer of amazingly talented singers / is on a book tour in Japan during the time when you absolutely have to record your new Father's Day song?

Well, you call your friend, Daniel Blomberg (musical genius and co-writer of this song) and he calls his friend, Dave Zimmerman, at Noisebox Studios. And then you think:

Great! Now we had a track to sing to, and someone to professionally record the song, but -- just one little problem here -- we don't have any singers! 

What do you do then? Well, I reached out to some of the best kids I know: my piano students. I could imagine the conversation:

"Hey, do you want to help record a new song in a professional studio for me?"

"On the piano?"


"On my violin?" (Some of them play strings also.)

"No. I want you to sing."



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Pardon the terrible picture quality. But that’s my dad, and I’m the one he’s holding. He died nearly 10 years ago now, but I am thankful for him every day, and for all he did to love, teach, guide, protect, and provide for me. I thought about him a lot while I was writing this song. 

Can I just give you a little background on the song that I think is important to know?

This was one of the hardest songs for me to write! Because I am painfully aware of all the kids who don't have dads at home, or live in neglectful or abusive environments. So I started out writing a song about how every family is different, and how everyone is loved, whatever their situation. And I spent a lot of time working on that idea...which is still be a good idea for a song some day, but not for this one. 

While working on the first idea, a question kept running through my mind: But what about the dads who ARE there? What about the dads who give of themselves in really heroic ways every day? Should we avoid honoring them because of the dads (or the parents) who don't do that?   

So in the end, this song is for all the dads who really are the everyday, unsung heroes in our lives. Like my dad.

NOW -- for how I would teach it..

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