Hi. I'm Shawna. I write songs to share my faith in Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for everyone who sings, plays or listens to them. I hope that together, we can spread Christ's message, and invite others to come unto Him and find joy, peace and rest.
My husband, John, is my best friend, biggest fan, and most brutally honest critic. Together, we have five children and ten grandchildren. I'm so grateful for my family, and have great hope in knowing that families can be together forever.
I don't know what a perfect family looks like, but I know what a happy family looks like, and only once in a while does it look like the pictures. The rest of the time, it's a little chaotic. Or a lot. But despite all of our noise and our messiness, I can't think of a group of people I'd rather be with than my family.
I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe that we are children of a living, loving God, who loved us enough to give His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe Christ is the Savior of the world, who underwent immeasurable suffering and gave His life to ransom us from our sins and offer us eternal life.
I never wanted to pursue a career--I just wanted to be a mom. But along the pathway of family life, I've found a few little gems of personal opportunity, and I've had some great experiences while pursuing them. Still, I'm first and foremost a mom, and now a grandma, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Following is a list of random things about me, if you're interested.
      • I'm a homebody.
      • I didn't start writing songs until about 10 years ago.
      • I took up snow skiing when I was 30 and wakeboarding when I was 40. I finally settled on music, where I can stay warm and I never face plant.
      • I would take a really good hot dog over a steak any day, and I don’t care what’s in it.
      • After 8 collective years in college, I finally graduated with my music degree in 2009.
      • Over the years, I have watched our children play in about 1500 baseball games and 500 basketball games, and I loved every minute of it.
      • One of my favorite memories ever is riding double on a scooter in the Swiss Alps with our only daughter.
      • When I was 12, Happy Days was the edgiest show on TV. And my parents wouldn’t let me watch it.
      • My kids are my best friends.
      • I credit insomnia for every decent project I’ve ever done.
      • I have a deep and abiding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That faith gives me direction, purpose and peace.
      • The best thing I’ve ever done is marry John.

I frequently give presentations about making more room for the Savior in our lives. If you would like to schedule a presentation for your group (it's free and I don't bring anything to sell), please email me at shawna(at)shawnaedwardsmusic(dot)com.





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