Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What should I order if I only need to make ONE copy?

A: You should order the vocal solo. It’s priced on a per copy basis, at $3.99. But if you intend to make even 2 copies (for example, one for a singer/chorister and one for an accompanist), then you should order the Group Bundle, which at $7.99, is the same price as 2 solos, but gives you a lot more.

 Q: What does a Group Bundle give me?

A: The right to 1) make up to 5 copies of the sheet music and 2) use the recordings (original and accompaniment track) as needed for your group. For example, you can put the recording on a CD for your group, or you can use the accompaniment track to practice and/or perform with.

 Q: What if I want more than 5 copies?

A: I charge .50/copy for extra copies – after you have ordered the group bundle. Go here to order extra copies of any song.   

 Q: If I purchased your songbook, I can make copies for my primary / choir / accompanist, right?

A: No. The songbook and CD are meant for families, not for groups. There’s a statement at the bottom of every piece of music in the book that says, “Copying this piece is expressly prohibited, whether for personal, nonprofit, educational, church use, or otherwise.”

This is why:

By the time I pay all the associated costs of the songbook and CD, I make less than 20 cents per piece of music. You can understand, then, why I don’t want people making extra copies. 20 cents is already a CRAZY low price for something like this.

 And this brings me to the next question…which you probably weren’t going to ask.

 Q: Are you going to continue to offer the songbook?

A: Probably not. After we’re sold out of the current printing, I don’t think I’ll print any more. I never even considered that people would use the book to copy music for primary or other groups, but I know they’re doing that because my digital sales are down by quite a bit this year. And though it’s not all about the money for me, it has to keep coming in at a certain level or I can’t keep doing this.

 Q: How do I download the music?

A: It depends on what technology/device you have. I will do my best to give you clear directions, but unfortunately, I can’t predict how your particular technology setup will act. But here are the basic instructions:

  • First of all, you will have a much better chance of success if you download the music (whether sheet music or recordings) to a computer, not to a mobile device. In general, mobile devices (especially iPhones) are not super download friendly.
  • Next: I have given you multiple download attempts in case you have problems downloading. These multiple attempts don’t give you the right to make more copies than you have paid for, or to share downloads with anyone else.

 Here’s how to download: 

  • After you have placed your order, a thank you page will appear. Click “Download Now” on that page. Your file(s) should come up immediately.
  • On many computers, the file(s) will automatically be downloaded to your default download directory. If that happens, then you’re done!
  • If that doesn’t happen, the files will just open on your computer. In that case, click on “File” then “Save.” A pop-up box will appear that allows you to choose where to save the file on your computer. Choose a preferred location and click “Save.”
  • Finally, if you’re unable to download successfully, please email me at Shawna@shawnaedwardsmusic.com. Make sure you tell me what product you ordered. I’ll help you get the downloads an alternate way. I usually respond the same day.


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