I loved this blog post on Branches 'n Twigs last week about The Miracle: 

"...then children started singing a song I wasn't familiar with. The words were beautiful but the feeling that flooded the chapel and my body when they sang the chorus was indescribable! It's that feeling you get when you hear truth." 

You can read the full article here:

I'm grateful for everyone that sings "The Miracle," and all the people who listen. I'm grateful for the complete strangers who send me videos of their kids singing it. And speaking of videos, I'm going to make a virtual choir video of "The Miracle" for Easter 2017. If you want to contribute to it, send me a video of your family or your primary or your child singing it. It doesn't have to be fancy -- just get out your iPhone. 

Here's one that made me smile:



  • Quincie Krenkel

    Hello – this song is beautiful and I would love to share it with my seminary in a couple of days. We are about to cover Matthew 8-10 and this would fit in perfectly. Would you share a copy of the video for me to download? I do not have wi-fi at our class location. Thank you so much for a lovely song.

  • Emily

    I love this song. I have purchased 2 group sets in the past month. I wanted to know if anyone has translated it into spanish. I have a daughter serving a spanish speaking mission and would love to send it to her.

  • Elisha

    HI- kind of late, but was hoping to use “The Miracle” video for my sharing time tomorrow. Is there any way to download the video? It is such a perfect and touching song and video combined! (:

  • Linda Hogan

    One of my piano students came asking me if I could find this song and help her learn it. It looks like you do not have a piano solo arrangement. If I buy a vocal solo, may I move the melody down for her to play with the right hand, and move some of the right hand accompaniment notes to the left hand. This is not to sell to her, just so she can play for her personal enjoyment. Or if you have a piano solo arrangement, where can I find it?

  • Lyndsie Oldroyd

    Hi Shawna! Could I please get a download version of The Miracle video to show in my primary? I already bought the music and we have a darling mother and her two daughters singing it in our program in September. Thank you! P.S. I’m Diane Card’s daughter and she was excited I was using some of your music!

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