It's Thanksgiving. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and haven't been able to go back to sleep. And it's not because I'm counting my blessings -- it's because I'm spinning on a long list of things to do this morning. But before I start, I should take a minute to say, since you're probably on my website for "Do You Have Room," that I'm thankful for everyone who has sung it, played it, or listened to it.
I’m especially grateful for people who write to me about it. I realize what a gift it is for them to take a few minutes to sit down and share their feelings about the song. And these little notes are better than a paycheck.
Notes like these:

From Kristine:
Your beautiful, sacred, tender uplifting, song has touched our hearts; and brought tears to our eyes.

From LouAnn in Atlanta:
Thank you for your inspirational song. This has to be the number one Christmas message, through song, I’ve ever heard.

From Emy in the Phillipines:
Hi! I am from the Philippines. This song was played before the Mass on December 24. I am part of the choir in our parish and I would love the other members to experience the beauty and heart of this song. It is a gift you give to the world and an act of service to our Lord.
From Ryan, in Virginia:
What a talent you have – to have written such a beautiful song about the Savior. I heard this song for the first time last Sunday and it touched me (and every one in the congregation). God bless you and your family, and Merry Christmas!
From Cathy in Vancouver:
Thank-you for this beautiful song. As life’s trials intensified for me over the past couple of years, I have come to realize that my Sav ior is always there for me, especially when things seem the bleakest and the most lonely. All that is required of me is to invite him in. I have been struggling this Christmas with feelings of despair, but as I listened to your song, I felt such peace and joy in the Lord’s birth, life and atonement. Thank-you for sharing your talents and blessing the lives of strangers.
From Rocio in Mexico:
Thank you for this beautiful song and video it made a difference for me and my family, it helped to prepare our hearts for the true meaning of Christmas.
May God Bless you and thank you for using your gifts and talents for His Praise and Glory, and to bring people close to Him.
From Jonathan, in Pennsylvania:
I just wanted to report back to you that my daughter did a wonderful job with your song at our Christmas Eve service. Obviously it was the first time the folks who came heard it and it was received very well.  We had a pastor from Pittsburgh visiting with us and as soon as the ser­vice was over he asked about the song. I am sure that it will become a favorite (it already has for me).
I hope the song will help you enjoy the season a little more, or lift your spirits for just a moment or two, or inspire you to do something you may not have done.  If it does any of those things, then I'll be grateful. And I would love to hear about it! 
Happy Thanksgiving,


  • Marilyn Barratt Kiene

    What beautiful songs! I was so touched. Thank you for sharing them with us. My Mother-n-law was so moved by them that she had my family and I listen to The Miracle while we were skyping with her this evening for Mother’s Day. The funny thing is I recognized some of the people in the videos and realized that I know you from back when I went to BYU! I dated your son Jon for a little while and he came out to visit me at Walt Disney World when I did an internship there. What a small world! How fun that they now have 2 or 3 boys? We have 3 girls and another (girl) on the way. She is due this week! The music is beautiful and please keep sharing and inspiring us with the sweet message of your testimony and faith. :) I remember you playing the piano really well and being a really cool lady. Congrats again!!!

  • Angela Gray

    Thanks for your songs they are beautiful. My daughter is part of the One Voice Children’s Choir and they have performed both Do You Have Room and The Miracle and i am in love with both songs.

  • Barb Grams

    Has an accompaniment tape for Everything Speaks his name been made? I absolutely love this song! It is exactly how I feel! I know it would bless so many people in my church to hear this sung. I would like to at least buy the sheet music. Where? I keep going on a wild goose chase looking for this song to sing! Thank you and god bless you! I love the Lord! <3

  • Gina in California

    If you want to hear her version…

  • Gina in California

    I got all choked up as soon as I heard this song. My daughter sang this at a church last weekend and many people came up to us and told us how much it blessed them. The speaker said, “Well, we’ve been blessed so we can go home now.” I truly believe it was because they felt the Holy Spirit and the words touched their heart. A man actually came up to me and said he started to tear up a bit. When my daughter’s teacher gave her this song to sing, I had never heard it before. I looked you up and bought everything that was available on your website. Please continue to write beautiful music, your ministry is blessing many people.

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