I’m super excited to announce (finally!) that my new Christmas songs will be on the website SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29th

THE STAR STILL SHINES and I’D SING YOU A SONG have been a long time coming, but they’re finally getting close! I originally planned to get them out by the first of November, but alas… 

There were some obstacles...

Starting with last year – when I had "The Star Still Shines" arranged, produced and recorded by some great artists. But I didn’t really know what I wanted, and when you don’t know what you want, you’re likely to get what you DON’T want, and even though I still didn’t know exactly what I wanted when we were finished, at least I knew what I DIDN’T want. (And to be very clear, this failed version was my fault, not those who were working with me.) 

So I decided to try again in 2015, and in the summer, I contacted another producer. I’m confident he would have done beautiful work on the song, and we were off to a good start, but then he took a new job and moved his family to Jordan. The country.

We actually talked about making it work through Skype, file transfer and email, but it just seemed like a bridge too far. I’d already lost a year and I didn’t want to chance losing another one. 

But I wasn’t going to make it happen without some help. 

So I called Tyler Castleton, and I fully expected him to say, “Yeah, I can do it – in February,” but instead, he actually had a couple of free days between projects. Within less then a week, he had sent me a beautiful accompaniment track, lined up a singer, a guitarist and a studio, and we were all set to go…but the night before the recording, he had a freak accident and ended up in the hospital. (This was the part where I wanted to say, "Are you kidding me?!?!" but that would sound like I was more worried about the cancelled recording than I was about Tyler's eye, which of course, wasn't the case.) So I just waited and hoped and prayed for the best. 

After a lot of pain and a few visits to the doctor, Tyler's on the mend, thankfully, and we have another recording date secured, and hope to be finished by Thanksgiving. 

Correct that. We WILL be finished by Thanksgiving. And the music will be available on my website next Sunday. 

In the end, I feel confident that “The Star Still Shines will be exactly what it was meant to be – THIS arrangement, with THIS singer, on THIS date. 

And “I’d Sing You a Song” will be right alongside it – just a sweet, short, and simple Christmas lullaby for children. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you on the 29th



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