All I can say is I'm still trying. After a freak accident, a sick singer, 2 failed recording attempts, and several sleepless nights, I'm still working to get "The Star Still Shines" out there. I'm not a person who thinks everything happens for a reason, or that all opposition comes from the devil. But I'm beginning to wonder what's going on. 

I feel like this message is so important, and so needed, and I'm not giving up. 

On that silent night so long ago, the angel had a message for the shepherds: "Fear not. For behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy. For unto you is born this day, in the City of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

And despite how much our world has changed, or how difficult our own personal journey, Jesus Christ is still our Savior. Wise men still seek Him, and they still find great joy in the knowledge that He lives. We can look elsewhere for peace and hope, but we will never find it. 

From the song:

"Now the lights we hang obscure the sky / The clamor stills the song.

We miss the calm and quiet nights / Filled with wondering awe.

And all the while, the risen Lord / Freely gives us so much more.

The peace on earth we're looking for has been here all along.

If we seek the light, when peace is hard to find,

He'll send us silent nights,

And touch our ears so we can hear an angel voice.

And in the darkest times,

He will lift our eyes to see the star

Still shines."

Check back with me in a few days. Maybe Wednesday. And keep your fingers crossed!




  • Amber Howes

    My daughter would really like to play The Miracle at her baptism how would I go about doing that. It is her favorite.

  • Elizabeth

    Shawna, I listened to Do You Have Room. I love this song. After listening to the full music series " The Music Deception" by Musician Christian Berdahl, I am trying to find music with out polyrhythmic rythms and it is so hard. There is a large world of people especially youth among the world wide church of 7th Day Adventist, that are looking for worship songs without drums, or polyrthymic rhythms. This song a wonderful representation. Please make more music like this one and sound tracks. So many singers sell themselves out, Selah was one of them. I am praying for you. Buy this series from Little Light Studios and listen to I fully with an open mind to allow God to help you understand, and watch God bless your ministry in music.

  • Summer Powelson

    It sounds so beautiful! You are an amazing talent, thank you for sharing! I will say a little prayer for you, it will all work out!

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