CERTAIN WOMEN - and other songs to come

Writing songs used to be a hobby for me. But it’s turned into much more than that. In fact, if I let it, it could be a 60-hour-a-week job, and there are days when I wonder, “Why am I doing this?!” But I know why. 

We live in a confused world. We say we want to empower women, yet they are constantly made into objects of sexual exploitation – like in the recent disgusting Super Bowl halftime show. 

We say we want to clean up the environment, but then we pollute the environment in our homes and neighborhoods with a never-ending stream of filth and sleaze on TV, movies and the Internet. 

We say we want kindness and tolerance for all people, yet people of faith (and those who still hold on to traditional moral values) are maligned as bigots and homophobes, and everything we say is heavily discounted – merely because it comes from a place of faith. 

The world is growing darker, and I honestly have to fight not to feel a sense of foreboding about it. 

And yet – amidst all the rancor and confusion and darkness – there is so much goodness. So much light. So much hope. 

We are, after all, children of a living, loving Father in Heaven, who loved us enough to send His Son, Jesus Christ. He gives us healing and hope. He comforts and strengthens. He lifts and encourages. He is the source of everything that is good and kind and beautiful. And He makes it possible for each of us to be reclaimed and redeemed. 

And so – to the why I keep writing: Because I feel a responsibility to share His light. And we have a way to share that has never existed before now. It never ceases to amaze me that I can write a song in my living room, and someone who teaches at a special needs school in South Africa can hear it. And then she can teach it to her students, and they can share it with their family and friends. 

This is how light is shared. One person at a time. One encouraging word at a time. One song at a time. 

So now, to “Certain Women.” I heard an address given by Linda K. Burton in 2017. She said this:

“…when we have become distracted, doubtful, discouraged, sinful, sorrowful, or soul-stretched, may we accept the Lord’s invitation to drink of His living water, as did the certain woman at the well, inviting others to do the same as we bear our own certain witness: “Is not this the Christ?” 

When life seems unfair, as it must have seemed to Martha at the death of her brother—when we experience the heartaches of loneliness, infertility, loss of loved ones, missing opportunities for marriage and family, broken homes, debilitating depression, physical or mental illness, stifling stress, anxiety, addiction, financial hardship, or a plethora of other possibilities—may we remember Martha and declare our similar certain witness: “But I know … [and] I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God.” 

Here's a link to the talk, if you want to read it. 

I add my certain witness that Jesus is the Christ. 

I also add my witness that we are NOT objects. We are daughters of God, each with inestimable worth, and each with a destiny we can’t begin to imagine. 

I am profoundly grateful for the certain women in my life, starting with my angel mother. And my daughter, Rebecca, who is in this video (the woman with one boy on her hip and the other by her side). She is a source of certain and daily strength and joy in my life, and I love her so much. In fact, I couldn’t do my life without her. Seriously. 

I hope you enjoy listening to the song. And I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, when you get a minute. And I want to give a shout out to Kristen Bodine Scott, the singer, who is amazing. Thank you, Kristen, for making it so beautiful.

Next up: More Come Follow Me songs. I hope by the end of May. I’ll let you know more as I get closer to releasing them. 

Thanks for listening.








  • Holly Tilleman

    Thank you so much for your beautiful, inspiring music. You are teaching and sharing such powerful gospel messages with your heavenly music! You have such a wonderful gift.

  • Gayle

    Music can be so powerful! I have loved music all my life. It is how I feel the Spirit the best. When I listen to your music, I can feel God’s love for me. The words are so amazing. Your songs teach and inspire. Certain Women is one of those songs. Thank you for your testimony in song. Thank you for letting your light shine! Keep writing!

  • Lori Derr

    I was also touched by this talk. Thank you for creating such a beautiful song related to it. EVERY song you have published touches my soul and bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for your inspiring efforts. Someday I hope to write music as beautifully as you do. You are truly a tool in the hands of Christ.

  • Rhonda Mahling

    Thank you Shawna for sharing your beautiful testimony and your God-given talent! Of course, your testimony shines through each beautiful, spiritual song on UTube. I daily listen to your uplifting music! I first heard “Certain Women” the week before Easter. I was listening to Come Follow Me lessons daily and they were filled with Holy Week Videos. Your song made me feel the Certain Woman’s feelings, I was “there” with them and the Savior. After reading your blog about the song, I realize the many wonderful connotations in the song. Thank you again, for loving the Savior and the world enough to share your magnificent music!

  • Donelle Coster

    I love your songs and Kristen has sang in a few of them and I would just like her to know that she has helped heal my wounded heart as of late. I love hearing her sing. I hope its not weird but I am a singer myself and music just touches my soul. I’ve had a dark life and through your songs and the people who sing them I can see the light come through. thank you so much.

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