It's been so fun for me to hear about your experiences singing "Choose Him Again," and see the videos you've posted. This makes me so happy, and I would love to see and hear more of those -- when you get a minute. 

I hope the kids are internalizing this message: We chose to follow Jesus Christ in heaven, before coming to earth. Now that we’re here, we will choose Him again. Children can be the greatest examples of how to do that.
"If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth." - Jean A. Stevens

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  • Erin

    Our Primary Children sang this song as the closing song in our Program as well. The youth learned the harmony for the chorus and stood and joined us as well. It was powerful and I will never forget it! Thank you for your gift!

  • Barbara Hertig

    Thank you so much for responding to the inspiration to write this song. Our primary children love it!! It is their favorite song in both junior and senior primary. Two weeks ago we had our Primary program in Sacrament meeting. Choose Him Again was sung as the closing song. The children sang it with such heart and conviction. I know the spirit bore testimony to those who were listening. I also know that its message has and will continue to find place deep in their hearts and bring them courage when they need it most. Thank you again for sharing you talents and testimony with use through this song. :)

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