A songbook. Finally! 

A real, get-it-in-the-mail, place-it-on-your-piano, open-it-and-play songbook. I'm super excited about it. I've decided to put a CD in the back. But you will also be able to get all the music on iTunes.

AND I just wrote a new Christmas song. 

I am busy making the video today, and will have it up by tomorrow so you can hear it. Super excited about this song -- sung by the amazing Megan Sackett. (with a little children's choir in the background toward the end.)

See you tomorrow!



  • Debbie Henderson

    Hi Shawna, I am so excited for your book to come out. I would love the opportunity to sing one of your songs for you.

  • Harmony

    I’m checking the site like a crazy person waiting for this new Christmas song!!!! So excited! I’m really hoping it will fit into our Ward musical Christmas Sacrament Meeting.
    Thanks for being amazing! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Fantastic Music blesses lives like nothing else can!

  • Sherrie Chambers

    Love your music! the Miracle makes me cry each time ! Im a survivor of an aneurysm. to me this is a modern miracle. Please include a cd please. thank you.

  • Tami Creamer

    Hey Shawna. I LOVE your stuff! I’m a songwriter too. I wrote “I Know That My Savior Loves Me”. And I just found out that we have a dear friend in common, Shelby! Would love to meet you sometime. I do have names of some AMAZING singers if you are interested. Both kids and adults. Email me if you’d like more info. Keep up the awesome work! Tami

  • Kim B

    I’m so excited that you are producing a book and have a new Christmas song coming out. Please do include a CD, especially if it could be a CD of music with vocals, and music without vocals. Would be fun to rehearse with children or by myself.

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