I wrote a song about 3 years ago for the local mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But it's actually a song for everybody with a desire to serve and help and teach and be an emissary for God. 

It's call "SEND ME", and I'm excited to finally make it available on my website next week. With solo and SATB versions. Watch for it on Thursday, October 18th.

Here's a sneak peak of the lyrics:

All of the courage I can summon / Each drop of faith that I can bring / All that I have to give, I offer it to thee / Here I am, Lord / Send me.

Also, I've written a new song called "MY OWN SUPERHERO," inspired by Emotional Superpowers, a global effort to teach hope and resilience to children everywhere. Though it's not my usual faith-based song, I hope you'll sing it and teach it and share it with as many children as you can. We all need to believe that when we need a superhero, we can be one!

See you next week!



Shawna Edwards

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