Help us light the world with this song.

1. Choose a video and share it.

2. Then comment below on how you're making room for Him, or how you've seen others do it.

3. We'll send you - free - either April Meservy's recording of the song (see below) or the solo sheet music. Please designate which you'd rather get, and be sure to submit your email correctly. We'll send you the music within 48 hours.  



  • Alicia Hansen

    We try to do something every day to keep the focus on Christ. Visiting a grandparent, reading & singing together, watching a church video. Just simple stuff, but it keeps us from getting too distracted by all the fluff.

  • David S

    My wife tends all the neighborhood kids during December – one family at a time – so their parents can spend the day together. It’s a real labor of love.
    Love the song, by the way. It’s inspired our family to try harder to make room for Him this season.

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