So I planned to release this song last Spring...but then my life got in the way. And now, I think maybe the start of the school year is the perfect time for it! The kids are going back to face a challenging world - and what better message can they have in their hearts and minds than being true to the light of Christ within them? What better way can they overcome the anxiety of a new social landscape than reaching out, being kind, serving others?

Well, that's the story I'm going to tell myself, anyway, rather than agonizing about the song being so late.

I loved working with this great group of girls from Utah COPA (Conservatory of Performing Arts). They are uber talented. And adorable. But more impressive, they are kind and thoughtful and respectful. I just love them all!

*This is important -- I have two more songs ready to go, but they don't have videos yet. The videos always slow me way down. Writing, recording and transcribing a song is a huge project by itself! But then if I have to do a video, it's an additional huge project. So I'm asking you: Are the videos important to you? Or would you just rather get the music faster? Comment below -- I can't answer you directly on this thread, but I'll be thankful for your feedback.

Special thanks to:

Mindy Robbins, Erin Robbins and Utah COPA 

Daniel Blomberg @ Blomberg Music Productions

Monica Wright for her beautiful videography





  • Lisa Johnson

    My whole family absolutely loves your music. I personally do not think the video is a big deal. I am hoping that there will be another songbook with a cd recording with the other songs that are not in the Miracle songbook and cd

  • LaJean Broberg

    I love the videos, they really bring the music to life. I love this song and the harmonies are very beautiful!

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