Four weeks to serve. One perfect example. I love this Christmas tradition, sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's an effort to remind us to give as Jesus gave, one person at a time. 

Download a free #lighttheworld calendar here. 

Share how you're lighting the world by commenting below -- and if you have a picture to send with it, I would love that! (send it separately to shawna(at)shawnaedwardsmusic(dot)com and I'll add it to the blog.) When I see your comment, I'll send you whichever you want -- an mp3 or the sheet music of "He is the Gift." 

I'll be sharing how our family is lighting the world in the next few blog posts.





  • LeAnn Atkinson

    I love your music !!! It is such beautiful and uplifting music. I noticed that one of the widowed sisters in our ward, wasn’t at church, so I called her to make sure she was ok and surprised her with dinner that night. I would like the sheet music to add to my collection. Thank you sooo much for your beautiful music and sharing your talents with others.

  • Teresa Onan

    My children and I have been making cookies and caroling for our neighbors and people who don’t have a lot of family during the holidays! May I have the solo sheet music for he is the gift. It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing. My kids love the miracle song so much!

  • Lena

    Our family chose 15 families who we thought might be especially lonely or vulnerable this time of year. Then we assembled goodie plates and caroled each of them. I love what you are doing with this effort! The sheet music would be wonderful to this beautiful song.

  • Kathy Greer

    We had our cub scouts over to our home to play games and decorate gingerbread boys. We encouraged them to decorate one specifically for someone they thought might enjoy/need a little act of kindness.

    I would love a copy of the sheet music for the Christmas song. Thank you!

  • Trisha Williams

    because of my agoraphobia it is hard for me to participate in some activities… this year, i decided to participate in the program for our ward Christmas party… it was a challenge, but i did it… please can i have a copy of the sheet music for “He is the Gift.”

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