This is my project board. And I have to say I'm more excited about this list of projects than any I've ever had.  

I wanted to write a really good, long, thoughtful blog post about it, but I don’t have the time right now to write it. (And you most likely don’t have time to read it.) 

So here’s the really quick version: 

I have a new song coming out. ("Thankful") And a new rendition of an old song. (A really cool one!) And a new venture all together – which I’m over the moon about. And I think you will be, too…as soon as you see it.

***Check back with us the first week of September to find out more about what we’re doing. In the mean time, here’s a partial sneak peak:

Shawna Edwards


Shawna Edwards

I am sooooo excited to hear the ‘Thankful’ song! Your music never fails to help me feel the spirit strongly. I love that because I am serving as Primary president, and occasionally the chorister substitute, I am able to make sure our children learn your songs. It is a toss up when I ask our Primary kids what their favorite song in our program is. Almost 50/50 between Choose Him Again and The Miracle. And as the children sing their hearts out—my presidency and teachers wipe the tears from our eyes!!!

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