First of all, I have some new songs coming out. And I HOPE they will be finished by the end of May. I can't wait to tell you more about them.

But the main reason for this post is to ask for your suggestions. I'm always looking for good ideas for new songs, and I would love to know what topic(s) you're interested in. Leave a comment below and let me know what you're thinking.

Thanks for your help, and have a wonderful day!



  • Alisha Evans

    I know my comment is coming months after your post, but I just discovered your site today. 1-My son is young and he is preparing to study the priesthood and what it will mean if he decides to accept this blessing in his life. A song about the responsibility and blessings of Priesthood in our lives. 2-We are a generation of temple builders. A song about the many blessings of the temple. 3-A missionary anthem for those about to serve, serving, and returned.

  • Jenny Smith

    I love every song you have written. Everyone of them brings peace into my life in some way. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with everyone. I would like to hear a song from you about any or all of the following topics: 1. Forgivness and healing wounds. 2. The unbreakable love of a loving Heavenly Father/ Repentance. 3. Everyone has a purpose on earth and in Heavenly Fathers plan. 4. Coping with difficult trials, loss/heavy burdens. 5. Everyone matters to Him/Seeing who we are through His eyes/ Self worth.

  • Becky Button

    something patriotic for primary children to sing. A medley or something better then what is in the primary book.

  • anonymous

    I would love to have some more songs on prayer, seeking God, spending time with Him, etc.

  • Patty Sampson

    I can’t tell you how many times a song will come into my head just when I need it. Just today I found myself singing “choose him again” to myself. You have a gift for putting things in words that really speak to my heart. I’d love songs that yell at Satan. lol. The line “Nothing can keep us from Choosing Jesus” has been my battle cry for a while now. SO battle cry songs is a suggestion I want to make.
    Also, my aunt is passing away this week. She is 90% brain dead. And my dad keeps reminding me that she is ‘graduating’. I’m not sure if that could be a song, but someone mentioned above a song about a loved one passing away and maybe graduation could be a theme. The joy of being welcomed home to Heaven also stands out to me as a great song idea. You’re amazing. Keep up the soul stirring work.

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