I'm super excited to announce that our New Testament songs will (finally!) be out this Wednesday, December 14th, at 5:00 pm. It's later than I hoped. But it's never too late to speak of Christ, sing of Christ, and rejoice in Him!

Here's all the information:

First of all, a shout out to my amazing sister, Linda, for helping me on all of these. She calls herself my "LyriSis" - haha - but she's so much more than that. 

The following songs will be included in a bulk downloadable bundle. For each song, you'll get the original sheet music, a simplified sheet music, the mp3 and an accompaniment track. 

  • All Because of Him (a Christmas song)
  • Be a Light (from the Sermon on the Mount)
  • I Won’t Walk Away (about the Good Samaritan — and us!)
  • Loaves & Fishes 
  • I am a Witness
  • Liken the Scriptures - NT version
  • The Miracle (for children, with 3rd verse)
  • He Knows
  • Because
  • Paul Kept the Faith (So fun and awesome)
  • He is the Christ (A new hymn. My first hymn.)

We will not be selling songbooks and CDs any more, but the bulk download will come with a printable cover page that can be slipped inside the front of a binder. This will enable you to print and put in your binder only the songs you want.

All the songs will be available on iTunes, Spotify, etc., as one New Testament Songs album by the end of the year.

Videos: Some of these are temporary. We are doing an epic video for "I Won't Walk Away" as soon as possible...which is (possibly) my favorite. For now, they're all available as lyric videos.

Flipcharts: Ah. I'm not good at these, but I know you love them. I've got somebody working on them. They'll be loaded one at a time in a flipchart bundle as soon as they're ready, and if you buy the bulk bundle, you'll have free access to them.

Finally, I'm offering a once-a-month Zoom call where we'll discuss the back story of the songs, how to teach them, my process, and anything else you want to know about. I hope you'll join me. You can ask questions - and we'll have so much fun! 

*Watch your email for a notification about those. 

Can't wait for you to hear these songs! And please send me your feedback. I'd love to hear it. 





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