I'm more excited to share this song than any I've ever written. In fact, I decided not to wait for the video this time. A video is still coming, but for now, you can just listen to the song through a simple audio play here.

The reason I write songs is to share my belief that we are children of a living, loving God; that Jesus is the Christ, and He really is risen; and that He has made a way to reclaim each one of us. This is the greatest hope in all the world.

I want to share that hope with as many people as possible, so I'm giving the mp3 away. You can download the mp3 here.

And lastly, I need to thank the following people for helping get the song out there:

John, who is always supportive, and who NEVER says "It's perfect." Except on this song.

My son, Gary, who helped me think through the most important things to say, and the order to say them in.

My sister, Linda, who always gives good feedback (and keeps me from putting any truly 'horrific' lines in the song) :)

These insanely talented singers: Kristen Bodine, Hallie Cahoon, and many members of the One Voice Children's Choir.

My friend, Daniel Blomberg, for arranging everything and creating the track. (Also insanely talented. Seriously.)

I hope you enjoy RISEN, and that you'll share it -- especially when the video comes out on April 1st. 

Wishing you all a beautiful and sweet Easter season,




  • Evangeline

    Hi. Beautiful song.
    Where can we get the accompaniment of this song.
    I want to teach this to the church kids.

    Thank you.

  • Diane Allen

    Love this beautiful song. 💕

  • Ianeta Tuia

    Beautiful song. Thank you.

  • Lavon Korswing

    RISEN brought tears to my eyes. It is so powerful and shares the GOOD NEWS so beautifully. The voices of the soloists and choir and the music of the instrumentalists are all wonderful. Thank you so much! May God bless this production to turn hearts to Him and bring people into The Kingdom!

  • Kirsten Culverwell

    This song is so powerful. The words and melody together are incredible, and I love how beautiful it turned out with One Voice Children’s choir. I am a fellow music writer. Thanks for sharing!!

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