I don't know if you've ever searched for a good children's song about giving thanks, but I have. I found songs about turkeys (#1 topic), other food items (a close second), pilgrims, and even scarecrows. And last but not least, a few about being thankful. ("When you're thankful and you know it" to start with...)

So I just finished writing one. And when I say 'just' I mean just barely. In fact, we recorded it with some very talented children from the One Voice Children's Choir yesterday, and I literally finished writing the words to the 2nd verse while they were recording the first. Yikes!

*Thank you, Elise May Peterson for this beautiful design! @emaypeterson 

The song will be out on Saturday. I hope with a music video to go along with it. There's a lot to do between now and then - so wish me luck!




  • Batya

    Where’s the song? Would love to hear it!!

  • Lisa Stevens
    I have absolutely loved all of your music !! I taught I will be what I believe for our primary program and seriously there was not a dry eye in the place including our Bishop! Your songs are so joyful so much fun to teach and make long lasting memories that I know my primary kids were saying for a long time !

    I really would love to teach your new song thankful to our primary how do I go about getting and downloading the sheet music??
    Thank you again for your amazing talent in music !
    Lisa Stevens Woodinville,Wa

  • Suzanne B Robertson

    Its beautiful… a keeper!

  • Mandy Warner

    Thank you for this beautiful and perfectly child-appropriate Thanksgiving song! I started teaching it to my primary children yesterday and, no surprise to me, they are IN LOVE with it (as they are with all your songs)! I showed them the One Voice Children’s choir video and they sang along, karaoke style. They kept asking to do it again! I have bought the music and we are going to continue working on it. In the past you have given teaching tips. I’m wondering if you have any teaching tips for this song? Thank you a million times over for sharing your talent and for following the spirit as you write inspiring music that touches the hearts of even my wildest primary children. I wish you could see the miracles you have created in my primary as I watch my ADD and crazy energetic boys stand with their heads held high, no inhibitions, pouring their hearts into the message and music of your songs!

  • Sandra Folsom

    What a wonderful talent you have. Thank you for blessing us with it.

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