I’ve seen many children’s groups sing “The Miracle” before (and I love them all) – but this one is special. This group is from Mumbai, India. And their video made me cry. 

If you’ve been on my website before, you’ll know that I wrote “The Miracle” in a car on my way to Chicago, and you’ll know that I wrote it for my primary (a children’s group in my local church congregation). You’ll also know that I have no expectations for my music, but through just writing what I feel and what I believe, sometimes the most incredible things happen. And this video is an incredible thing. 

Jonathan Pinto is the director of the JonaDomi Choral Ensemble, which began as a choir of 12 singers. The children are from diverse backgrounds, of different faiths and religions, all united in song. The group’s aim is to spread simple messages of joy, love and peace through music. 

Jonathan, I love everything about your choir – their colorful clothes and their beautiful voices and their hand movements at the end of each verse. And they have certainly brought an increase of joy, love and peace to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

And one last thing. I just want to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father and to His Son, Jesus Christ. I know they live. I know they love us. And I know they’re involved in our lives. I believe they have inspired men and women to invent and advance technology that makes it possible for me to sit at my desk in my home in Utah and write out a piece of music that somehow finds its way into the hands of a children’s choir director 8,000 miles away. With that choir, and with all Christians – from Utah to India and everywhere in between – I raise my voice in praise and declaration that Jesus Christ lives. 

On this Easter weekend, I bear testimony of Him, of His matchless power, of His unending mercy and grace, and of the peace that comes from following Him. He is, indeed, a God of miracles.

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  • Jonathan Pinto

    Jesus is truly the Lord of Miracles!
    May all creation proclaim His resurrection, which brings us salvation.
    Singing and recording this lovely song, ‘The Miracle’, has indeed been a wonderful experience for the entire group. May it’s message always remain in our hearts.
    Thanking Shawna Edwards on behalf of the JonaDomi Choral Ensemble for the opportunity to proclaim this message of Easter.

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