This crew recorded my new song tonight -- part of the One Voice Children's Choir, directed by Masa Fukuda. These kids are amazing, and Masa is a musical genius. And that's sort of an understatement.

Super excited for this song -- CHOOSE HIM AGAIN -- which will be available this coming Saturday! (December 3rd) See you then!!! 



  • Shawna

    Hi Mary Lynn,
    So the Group Bundle allows you to make up to 5 physical copies of the music, and use the original recording and accompaniment tracks as needed (including putting the song on a CD for the children). Normally, the group bundle would be for one primary or other group, but if you just want to make 20 copies, you can order 4 bundles, and distribute your 20 copies how you want to.
    Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions,

  • Mary Lynn Done

    Hi Sister Edwards: I love your music! I am the Stake Music Chairman in my stake and would love to make this song available to the primary leaders in my wards. I have 9 wards so I would need 18 copies for choristers and pianists. (I also want copies for myself)…so 20 copies in all. What is the best route for me to take? This song is aamazing!

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