Here's what you should know about my new song, "To Be His Child":


The best laid plans...

Today (January 30th) is the day I’ve been aiming to release “To Be His Child” and everything was on track! Until it wasn’t. 

The moving parts should stop moving in a week or two. My new year’s resolution was more music, which comes with more of the everything else... and I’m still learning the tricky timeline of it all. 

1. I'm making a video, and I need really short video clips and high-quality pictures of children doing good things (being a friend, reading, hiking, going to church, doing things with family, etc.). I would love if you'd send me some! The deadline is this coming Wednesday, January 24th. Send them to shawna(at)shawnaedwardsmusic(dot)com. (Pictures and video need to be oriented landscape, not portrait.)

2. I know it may seem a little late for this song. And I wasn't actually going to write a song for the theme this year, because nothing could ever take the place of "I am a Child of God." But I just couldn't get it out of my mind, so a few weeks ago I decided to go ahead with it. So that's why it wasn't out before the first of the year. If you love it, hopefully you can find a month to teach it.

3. I learned in 2017, after trying to do some other projects, that it's about the music, and I should focus on that. And so "To Be His Child" is the first of several more songs this year.

4. The song will be released on January 30th February 15th. I hope.

5. There will be a group bundle available, as always, and an idea sheet on how to teach it. 

6. I hope your children's group will love singing this one, and will remember who they are, and what it really means to be His child. 

Happy singing!



Shawna Edwards


Shawna Edwards

Last year we taught our Primary children “The Miracle” and it quickly became their favorite song. Almost every child chose this song as their favorite Primary song when asked. It brings tears to my eyes every time they sing it. Thank you for such a beautiful song that has made such an impact in these children’s lives.

Shawna Edwards

I’m a newly called primary music leader. I am so excited for your new song for this year! I am praying you’re ablee to make the Feb 15th release because I am using 3 of your songs this year. I need to get teaching them so I’m waiting to buy your bundles all at once.
Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Shawna Edwards

Yay!! You are doing it! Thank you for persevering through all the obstacles to deliver life changing music for our kids! Do you still need pictures and videos?

Shawna Edwards

Happy dance! Thank you! I was hoping for some music from you again this year. You truly are gifted and I love having our primary sing your songs. They add an amazing depth to our program! Thank you!

Shawna Edwards

Hi Shawna,
I absolutely love your music!! You are super talented!! I have 4 boys (5,7,9,11) who sing your songs all the time. The best thing for a mom to hear is them singing your amazing songs all day long as they are playing. Is it too late to send you pictures for your video? I just saw this message. My boys favorite songs of yours are “The Miracle, Gethsemane, Thankful, and Choose Him again”. We listen to them in the car on the way to school everyday. They love them and so do I. So thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us and letting us fill our days with your incredible messages.

Shawna Edwards

Cant wait to hear it. Your music is truly inspired and you have an amazing gift. I love how your music incorporates little bits of harmony, challenges for young kids but doable. We are already teaching our primary the Thankful song and are using it for our program!

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