If you're looking for information on the new songs that coincide with Come Follow Me 2020, here it is:

Four songs to be released Thursday, January 2nd, at noon (MST):

Come Unto Christ  |  The Tree of Life  |   Liken the Scriptures   |   He Knows 

Here are the song summaries:

Come Unto Christ - this is a youth anthem. (Could be sung by younger kids, but it's a little more 'grownup' than some of my songs.)

The Tree of Life - a children's song about the tree of life. With a little middle eastern musical flare.

He Knows - a simple children's song about how Christ suffered for our sins, AND our sickness, sorrows, and pain. He knows how to comfort us, because He knows how we feel.

Liken the Scriptures - also a children's song - and the title says it all. But here's a sneak peak: 

"I may not be asked to build a great big ship / Or sail my family 'cross the ocean blue / But if I had the faith and courage Nephi did / Imagine all the great things I could go and do! / The Lord has a special message for me / In every scripture story I read / And I can become who I'm striving to be / When I liken the scriptures to me."

*I really want people to use these songs, so I'm offering the biggest discount I can on them. 

*Also - there are more songs to come. Most likely in late February. I'll let you know what the titles of those songs are as soon as I've decided for sure. 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Much love,





    your glorist music music brings back memories of my glorist mother organist and pianoeist thank you

  • Doris jones

    I have purchased several of your songs for our primary. The kids & parents love them. Anything new this year for mother’s day?

  • Katie parker

    All of your songs are just amazing. We love as a family your first songbook with your original 10 songs. When will you be able to release the songbook to all your new songs from 2018-2019??? My kids keep begging for it. They just love gathering around the piano at grandmas and singing them! Thank you for sharing your gift and talents!

  • Julie Yearsley

    When will the sheet music be available for the 4 new songs?

  • Peggy Mathewson

    I am Primary chorister in my ward. I would love to use some of your songs but I would love to buy the four songs listed above. How do I do that?

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