Old Testament - BULK DOWNLOAD

Old Testament - BULK DOWNLOAD

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This product includes music for all 9 Bible songs of the Old Testament -- original and simplified (melody in accompaniment) sheet music, original recordings and accompaniment tracks, and flipcharts (so far). You can download any or all of them. (Currently we have flipcharts for Creation, Adam & Eve, God's Love and Oh Noah!)

The songs included in this download are:

- Count on Joseph
- The Creation
- Adam and Eve
- God's Love
- Oh Noah
- For Such a Time as This
- David and Goliath
- The Covenant
- Promised Land 

I will load more flipcharts as soon as they're available here: https://shawnaedwardsmusic.com/products/flip-charts  (They are free if you have purchased this bulk download.)

This price is like ordering a group bundle of all nine songs -- a $90 value -- for only $29.95. This is what you'll get: The right to make up to 5 physical copies of any or all songs for your primary or other group, and use the recordings however you need to...including putting the songs on a CD or a drive for the children and families. 

*I have uploaded all simplified versions except for Promised Land, which I am completely re-writing. If you have ordered this product and did not get the simplified version, you can email me at shawna(at)shawnaedwardsmusic(dot)com 

Please do not make more copies than listed above, or share the music outside your family, primary, or other singing group.