A few years ago, when I was directing the music in Primary, the theme of the month was “Jesus is a God of miracles.” I wanted a song to go with it. I scoured all the typical sources to find that song, but no luck. So I decided to write one.

We often talk about the wondrous miracles of Jesus Christ — walking on the water, healing the blind, raising the dead. Even when we say the word “miracle,” that’s what we think of. So of course, I began the first verse with the typical lyric lines…And then I got to the chorus. What more could I say about these events - so long ago, so far away from the world we live in? How could I teach the children the relevance of these miracles to them?

I planned to work on the chorus while I drove to Chicago with one of our sons. It was a 27 hour drive, and I had a lot of time to think. Somewhere in Nebraska, it hit me. There WAS a miracle that was relevant to them! Completely and totally relevant! The miracle of the Atonement. Though we don't usually refer to the Atonement as a 'miracle,' (partly because it's SO much more than that), it is, indeed, the greatest miracle of all time. And as soon as the idea came, the words flowed, and long before we arrived in Chicago, the song was done.

There would never be a way to express everything the Atonement means in one song -- or in a million of them. But in these simple words: "...the miracle that rescues me," I hope the children begin to glimpse how personal it is. And how important. And I hope they will come to realize, as I have, that the Atonement of Jesus Christ really does rescue us -- every minute of every hour of every day.





  • Shawna

    Yes, you can order the sheet music of “The Miracle” on this website. Go to the home page — it’s the song on the top line of the product section. Here’s the link:
    You can also order a bundle, which gives you permission to make up to 8 copies, and also gives you the original recording and the accompaniment track. Thanks for your kind words,

  • Karen Jorgensen

    Hi there. I would really like to purchase the sheet music for this song. Is there a way i can do that? Thanks!

  • Jared Huff

    I have always enjoyed the primary songs, from the time I was little, to now. I love the messages they share, and the joy that they bring. Now that I am a father, I love to hear my kids sing these same songs. My daughter just fell in love with this song when she sang it for the primary program, and she wants to sing it for her grandma. I would love to get a copy of the music so I can play it for her. Thanks so much for your talents and sharing them with the world.

  • Camille P

    I have appreciated the miraculous patience our Heavenly Father has with me as I continue to try to improve and find myself making the same mistakes repeatedly. Thank you for sharing this song with the world – I heard it as our primary did it this past year, and it was the inspiration for a former-stake-president-now-primary-chorister to work through recovery from back surgery and complications to be at his ward’s program. He managed to stand and conduct just this song. I’d love a copy of the sheet music if you’re still offering. Thanks!

  • Niva T

    This is a beautiful testimony shared through your music talent. This “Miracle” should be in the next Primary Sacrament Presentation/Sharing Time Outline. God bless.

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