A few years ago, when I was directing the music in Primary, the theme of the month was “Jesus is a God of miracles.” I wanted a song to go with it. I scoured all the typical sources to find that song, but no luck. So I decided to write one.

We often talk about the wondrous miracles of Jesus Christ — walking on the water, healing the blind, raising the dead. Even when we say the word “miracle,” that’s what we think of. So of course, I began the first verse with the typical lyric lines…And then I got to the chorus. What more could I say about these events - so long ago, so far away from the world we live in? How could I teach the children the relevance of these miracles to them?

I planned to work on the chorus while I drove to Chicago with one of our sons. It was a 27 hour drive, and I had a lot of time to think. Somewhere in Nebraska, it hit me. There WAS a miracle that was relevant to them! Completely and totally relevant! The miracle of the Atonement. Though we don't usually refer to the Atonement as a 'miracle,' (partly because it's SO much more than that), it is, indeed, the greatest miracle of all time. And as soon as the idea came, the words flowed, and long before we arrived in Chicago, the song was done.

There would never be a way to express everything the Atonement means in one song -- or in a million of them. But in these simple words: "...the miracle that rescues me," I hope the children begin to glimpse how personal it is. And how important. And I hope they will come to realize, as I have, that the Atonement of Jesus Christ really does rescue us -- every minute of every hour of every day.





  • Jackie Lee

    I heard this song as part of the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation. The Spirit was so strong when the children sang about the atonement. It was so touching. It reaffirmed my testimony of Jesus and His sacrifice for us. I would dearly love a copy of this song.

  • Challece Schraer

    The Miracle has become one of my favorite songs. The Activity Day Girls in our ward are singing “The Miracle” as the closing song for our Primary Program. I will be sitting on the stand with my Primary class. I don’t know how I will make it through listening to our girls sing without crying and making a spectacle of myself. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift of music with us. Nothing touches the heart like a testimony through music can. It doesn’t matter what language you speak. The power and spirit of music speaks directly to your soul. Would love to have a copy of “The Miracle” to add to my music collection.

  • Corie Taylor

    I have never seen the primary children in my ward sing with such purpose! We played the video of this song and the kids loved it! Even a few boys who never sing wanted to learn this! They ALL say that this is their new favorite song! They hear the music and they all join in! I love the message that this song has! I cannot hear this and not tear up. I feel the spirit so strong thru the words! Thank you for writing this, it is my new favorite too! I would love a free copy of this song!

  • Claire

    I have been inspired by your song and now want to learn how to play it. I’m 9 years old and I first heard your song in primary and it is now my favorite song. Thanks!

  • Janice Pratt

    Dear Shawna,
    I’m probably a little late to the game? I just learned of this song via the Facebook page for LDS Primary Choristers. I am a pianist and have accompanied several LDS Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentations. Anyway – I read your offer of obtaining a free copy of your song, “The Miracle” and it lead me to this spot. The Atonement is very special to me and I have felt the love of both Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in rescuing myself and others from our sins. I was raised as a Latter-day Saint and grew up learning about the basics of The Atonement, but it wasn’t until more recent years that I realized that Our Savior, Jesus Christ, not only paid for our sins, but suffered all of the pains and agonies of our trials as well. You asked for words, but words are not enough to explain the comfort and relief that comes from knowing and understanding – at least a little understanding – of what Our Savior, Jesus Christ did for all of us. My heart is full of deep love and gratitude for Jesus and Our Heavenly Father. I rely on them daily for that comfort and relief and for guidance in my life. This is a special thing that you have done – which enables testimonies to be born of Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s true as King Benjamin said that we can never repay because every minute more and more blessings keep coming. Your offer of a free copy of your song, “The Miracle” was, of course, the opportunity for me to share my testimony with you and whomever may read this. I am a private person and hold these things dear to me. Thank you for your testimony as well. Oh, yes – I would please like a copy of your song in sheet music format – “The Miracle”. Thanks again, Shawna. Isn’t music great? I love that I can play the piano. I’m currently the Relief Society pianist in my ward. ☺

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