Help us light the world with this song.

1. Choose a video and share it.

2. Then comment below on how you're making room for Him, or how you've seen others do it.

3. We'll send you - free - either April Meservy's recording of the song (see below) or the solo sheet music. Please designate which you'd rather get, and be sure to submit your email correctly. We'll send you the music within 48 hours.  



  • Dee

    Our senior group each year at Christmas makes up fruit baskets with homemade goodies added and delivers to the shut-ins and widows whose names are submitted by others. We always stay and visit awhile if they desire. It brings great joy to the recipients and the ones who deliver. Love this song. Sheet music would be great to have.

  • Melanie

    We take time each day to read #lighttheworld scriptures and think about how we can follow Christ’s example that day. (April’s recording)

  • Linda Giles

    We have the best neighborhood! So many families have dropped by with really heartfelt neighbor gifts. They were well thought out and all related to traits of the Savior—love, warmth, compassion, comfort, and of course sweetness. Being an “older” couple in an area with very young families, it makes us so glad to see how well these parents are teaching their children what it truly means to be Christlike.

    Sheet music

  • Pam

    I love listening to my sister play the piano. She also does the 12 days of Christmas with her children to the widows in their ward every year.

    Sheet music

  • Nancy

    Beautiful music. I’d love to sing this for Christmas. My little girls and I gave some service to the men who live at the local veterans housing project. We decorated stockings for them!

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