Well, here it is -- and I'm still nervous, but with growing excitement.

Our goal is to share the music with 1,000 new people this week, and you can help us. 

Every day for six days, we'll spotlight a song and offer a free download of that song. And every day we'll ask you to do something to share the music with others. Two of the songs will be new ones. Please allow 48 hours to receive your music. The default will be an mp3, but if you want the sheet music, we'll happily send that to you instead, but you need to specifically mention "sheet music" in your tag or comment.

If you've previously ordered the song of the day, consider giving your new copy away as a gift. 

Thanks for all your help, and for giving me the courage to do this. You're the best. See you tomorrow!


Shawna Edwards


Shawna Edwards

Hi Shawna,
I just heard your song “Do you have room?” for the 1st time last night. I have been asked to sing a special at church for the Christmas Eve service & have been having a hard time picking one. As soon as I heard your song I knew it was the one I wanted to do. However, I’ve been having a hard time finding an accompaniment track for it. Do you have one available for purchase by chance?
Thank you in advance.

Shawna Edwards

sheet music…. thank you so much

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