So.....I've lowered the "Choose Him Again" group bundle price to $4.99, because I wanted to make it as affordable as possible. And since I've started with the topic of money -- and I NEVER talk about money -- I think now might be a good time to answer this question I frequently (but indirectly) get:

1. Why isn't your music free? (We're used to getting Church music for free) 

Believe me. I've struggled with this question many, many times...

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If you've been on my blog and read about "The Miracle," you'll know I wrote it in the car on the way to Chicago. I guess I should say that after I had the initial idea (somewhere in Nebraska), the song just kind of wrote itself. 

Some songs literally take me months to write, but some songs are a gift. And this one was a gift. I can only say that about two songs I've ever written - "Do You Have Room?" and "The Miracle." I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're my most popular songs.

And so this morning I just want to say...

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To start with, I just want to say thank you! We've been so busy the past couple of days that I didn't get my blog posts written...I guess that's a good thing, right?  

Today, I just wanted to express my profound gratitude for Jesus Christ, and this song is my testimony of all He has given - and all we have because of Him. In fact, every good thing I have is because of Him. 

This is a song I've never shared publicly before - at least 

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It's Day 2 of our Social Media Launch, and our free download for the day is our signature song, Do You Have Room? I wish I could tell you everything I've learned from writing and sharing this song, but for now, I'll just publicly say 'thank you' to my dad...

Here's the story: 

I wrote Do You Have Room? as a Christmas gift for my family...

I sang it to my family on Christmas Eve, then filed it away in my music drawer and forgot about it. It might still be there, if it weren’t for my Dad, who regularly asked me, “Have you done anything with that song?”

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