To start with, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for all your kind comments. Thank you for sharing the music. Thank you for your faith in Him. 

Today I just want to share my own faith in Jesus Christ, and to express my profound gratitude for Him. This song is my testimony of all He has given - and all we have because of Him. In fact, every good thing I have is because of Him. 

This is a song I've never shared publicly before - at least I've never had it on the website. Special thanks to the beautiful and talented Autumn Jones Wagner for singing it. I hope you will sing it and share it and remember the message always:

"Because He gave to me everything He had to give, I breathe, I see, I hope, I love, I live."

Watch tomorrow for a new kind of invitation: Let's flood the Internet with "The Miracle."

Shawna Edwards


Shawna Edwards

✔️ Request Done
May I get the “Because “ Bundle Please?

Shawna Edwards

We are singing “the miracle” and Gathsemane for our Primary program! The kids love them ! Thank you for such beautiful songs,

Shawna Edwards

I would love a copy of the song Because. I love your music and hope to have our primary sing another one this year for our program.

Shawna Edwards

I would love a copy of this sheet music. Thank You!!!

Shawna Edwards

I don’t know if I asked for the sheet music to “Because”
Thanks again.

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