I've only ever collaborated on a couple of songs. But I wrote "More Than Enough" with my daughter, Rebecca, and I loved every minute of it. (Including our 5 hour phone conversation late one night. From 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. Yikes!

Rebecca isn't the only family member who had something to do with this song. My own mother is also part of the story. This is a song influenced by three generations of women who all had occasion to feel the same way...that they weren't doing enough. 

Read more about the story here, along with why I chose the specific lyrics I did, and why I didn't use the word, "Mother" in the song...

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    Masa Fukuda, Director of the One Voice Children's Choir, and my all-time producer. Thank you, Masa -- you're a genius. :) 

    Okay, to start with, I know what you're thinking. "How am I going to teach 3 verses?!" Which might be code for, "What in the world was she thinking?!" 

    Well, I was thinking that I just HAD to have that 3rd verse, because it's the most beautiful, and because the song kind of 'grows up,' just like a child does. And I'm also thinking about several easy ways to teach it. Yes. Easy. 

    Here are a few ideas for you, and then a detailed description of how to teach the song quickly -- with NO visual aids:

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    I emailed the first draft of my new Mother's Day song to my daughter. She wrote back and said, "So I don't love it. And I don't relate to it." 

    Well, at least she's honest.

    Then she shared the kind of day she'd had -- that she didn't feel at all like the Mother's-Day-song-kind-of-mom that day because she was frustrated and tired and just hanging on 'til bedtime. 

    She said, "On days like today, I just need to know I'm doing enough. I wish you'd write a song about that."

    And so I did. Read more about it here. 


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