Okay. I admit it. I'm a terrible blogger. I go on a blogging splurge -- writing several posts in a row -- and then...nothing. For a long time. In fact, the last time I blogged was Thanksgiving 2014. Wow. 

Yesterday, 389 people visited my site. I don't know how they felt, but when I visit a site and see that the last post was nearly a year ago, I figure there's nothing compelling there. 'Cuz if the owner of the site doesn't care all that much about the message, then it's a fairly good bet nobody else will. 

That said, I DO care about the message -- and that's why I put my songs out there in the first place. Can I just say it's a really scary and vulnerable thing for me to do that? Totally and completely out of my comfort zone. And when I posted my very first YouTube video, I thought maybe 50 or 100 people would see it, and even THAT made me nervous. When I got my first negative comment on YouTube, I stewed about it for 2 or 3 days. And when I got my first really nasty comment, I was prepared to take the video down and just forget about the whole thing.

By now, I'm a little more thick-skinned. But it's still out of my comfort zone.

And there's no reason on earth for me to be doing this...except that I care about the message. And so, as I celebrate the re-beginning of my blogging career, whether anybody reads this message or not, I just want to put myself on record:

Jesus is the Christ. He is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. He is the light and life of the world. Without Him, we would be hopelessly lost -- unreclaimed and unreclaimable. That's the message. And everything I say in the future will be tied to that message -- for it's the most important and transcendent truth of all time, and the one that gives everything else meaning.


And by the way, the reason people are still coming to my site -- even though I'm a terrible blogger -- is because of "THE MIRACLE." A song that says more than I could say in a thousand blog posts:  

Jesus is a God or miracles
Nothing is at all impossible to Him.
But I know this: Of all His miracles
The most incredible must be
The miracle that rescues me.

Until next time -- which I promise will be sooner than a year from now,





  • Aura Nielsen

    Is there a Spanish Translation of this? My son is leaving to Guatemala to serve a mission and this song would bless so many people there.

  • Niva Taua

    Do you have your Miracle music in Spanish? Beautiful.

  • Samantha Whipple

    my daughter would like to learn to play “the miracle” we downloaded the original version and her teacher thinks that it is too hard. Do you have a simplified version?

  • Melissa

    I have to add my own comment on gratitude and thanks for “The Miracle.” Like many others, I picked it for our primary program and it was amazing. Every time the kids sang it in practice, I got goose bumps and could feel the spirit so strong. I could tell that others felt that way when there kids sang in sacrament. Since our program last week, I have had 5 people ask about the song, many others comment on how they loved it, and others still who said it moved them to tears. Ultimately, though, I hope it stays with the children. I hope they always remember this song and it’s message. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  • Wendy Turner

    Shawna, the minute I heard the Miracle I knew that was August song for the primary program. With that said I got permission from my primary pres. and Bishop. I gave never worried about the scriptural correctness in the song. It is the favorite of my primary and when they sing the spirit is very strong. My job as chorister is to have the kids feel the spirit and this song does that. Thank you for your tuff skin, the Lord is using your talent to bless many lives. I am waiting for more, don’t stop! Thank you for sharing your gift!

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