Well, it's finally here -- the first day of our social media launch. And "Coming Home" is the free download of the day. In case you didn't understand the details of how to get the free downloads, which we'll offer every day for 6 days, here are the details below...

This is the beautiful and talented April Meservy, by the way, who sings "Coming Home," and whose cover of "Do You Have Room?" has been heard the world over. She makes my songs sound better than they really are...

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Well, here it is -- and I'm still nervous, but with growing excitement.

Our goal is to share the music with 1,000 new people this week, and you can help us. 

Every day for six days, we'll spotlight a song and offer a free download of that song. And every day we'll ask you to do something to share the music with others. Two of the songs will be new ones. Please allow 48 hours to receive your music. The default will be an mp3, but if you want the sheet music...

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Well, here I am doing something I never thought I’d do: I’m launching a social media campaign around my music -- coming on Tuesday, November 1st. And I’m really nervous about it! Why? 

Well, when I started writing songs for my family and friends several years ago, I never imagined that anyone else would ever hear them. And the first time I posted a song on YouTube, I sent it out to a total of seven people – my husband, our five children, and my mom. Haha – THAT was brave! And now, about 1.5 million views later...

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I'm really excited about this project. I'm working on a series of new songs for children - more songs like "The Miracle." The first ones will be available by the end of October:


Sometimes I feel like we've underestimated our kids a little bit. I've done it myself. By trying to write songs that are super easy and simple, we've missed teaching them 

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I loved this blog post on Branches 'n Twigs last week about The Miracle:  

"...then children started singing a song I wasn't familiar with. The words were beautiful but the feeling that flooded the chapel and my body when they sang the chorus was indescribable! It's that feeling you get when you hear truth." 

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